Tuesday, February 20, 2018

25 Things I've Learned || Quarter-Life Crisis

This quarter's guest blog post comes from Looks By MC, who speaks on NEW BEGINNINGS. As she celebrated a new year at 25, MC decided to reflect on what she had learnt up to this milestone. Let her teach you some new things. 

I thought it's only appropriate to share with you 25 things I've learned since I'm officially 25 today!! 

The past few years have been a whirlwind, especially this past year. But I'm excited for what's to come. When I was young, I used to wonder what I would be like and look like at the age of 25. And here I am, nothing like the person I thought I would be, but someone I'm glad I've become.

I also wanted to share..

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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

My Call

(Image credit: Keith Mallett)

My call to pray 
Pray that I am freed of ancestral strongholds, spirits, 
Doesn't start at pulling out the weeds great-granddaddy planted
Or the attitudes of my greatest grandmother
It is a call beyond the Brazilian who holds links with the Bajan, 
African and Italian within the helices of my dearly natured acid
It is beyond the control of the nucleus of my being 
Beyond cells signaling to keep me here 
Begging for mercy
This is the prayer that I
Undo the afflictions of the Egyptian at my feet
Pull down every sphinx
Abandon the power I have placed in crystals and salts 
Place no value on gold 
It is used to resurface the streets where I'm from
It is the Ethiopian within pleading to be fruitful
To be undefeatable again
To have His favor again
It is moments crying knowing
We will never rise that high again
Ignorance won't let ALL of us get there
Even if the educated, informed and equipped of us 
Try raising the rest of us
It is Noah reminding me how to reverence my creator 
At all times
Reminding me to make the effort
Ask questions as you go
Believe that the answers will come in time
It is Nimrod forgetting how he got here
It is my footprints in Babylon
These are the ruins you placed above my friend?
I hope I am not opening 
What you have closed and thrown away the key to
Am I looking for the solution
Where you have said
We must come before you in unity, to find it
Am I grasping understanding 
Am I answering the right call.

This poem was inspired by my current read, What Is Wrong With Being Black?

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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Current Conversation

Welcome back readers. The new story in a Writer's Reading List, is one of addressing what has long been overdue to address. Is there is a problem with the melanated king and queen in this life? Is there a curse in being black? I'm a few days into reading this book, having moments of crying, laughing, reflecting as well as challenging myself mentally. This book has inspired some written pieces, I will be sure to share those pieces with you on Instagram, so watch out for those.

Here are my thoughts on seeing a new year. Welcome to 2018 & Happy New Year !

" To a year that takes more than my surface knowledge, I will overlook my wants and address what I need. I am creative, poet, writer, sister, friend, artist, art, working masterpiece, the master hibernator when gunshots ring in the air. If ever told to go outside into the conflict and save, if ever placed in discomfort to search for our comfortable - I will go. No matter how many doubts swim around my being, or fear suffocating the lubrication of my airways I will be the surfactant where necessary to reduce our tension, our friction. Here's to a year that won't allow me to be comfortable, that will push me to my extremities & here's to my fellow poets, artists, writers, content creators, authors, bloggers, friends and new connections that come - we'll conquer this together. 
Happy 2018! "

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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

2017 Reads : Pebble$

Books That I Read

1. The Art Of Thinking Clearly : Rolf Dobelli

2. Follow Your Dream : Matthew Ashimolowo

3. Scarlet And Black : Stendhal

4. Called To Make A Difference : Tony Peters

5. Goth Girl and The Pirate Queen : Chris Riddell

6. Finding Your Purpose In Life : Mike Murdock

7. What They Didn't Teach Me In Sunday School : Rob Parsons

8. I Am A Woman I Am Not Dumb : Matthew Ashimolowo 

9. Making Your Own Days - The Pleasures Of Reading & Writing Poetry : Kenneth Koch

10. A Place To Call Home : Carole Matthews

11. Brief Lives : W. F. Deedes

12. 100% Life Improvement : Matthew Ashimolowo

13. Screw Business As Usual : Richard Branson 

14. Live A Better Life : Matthew Ashimolowo

15. The Value Of The Dot : Mensa Otabil

16. Training For Reigning : Dr. Bill Winston

17. The Abundance : Annie Dillard

18. The New Penguin Book Of English Verse : Edited by Paul Keegan

19. 18 Words : J. I. Packer

20. Never Let Me Go : Kazuo Ishiguro

Get Your Life Together  & Start Adulting Books 
Each touched on aspects on finance, planning, persistence and not allowing one shortcoming that we have to disrupt the complete picture of where our lives are and where they can be. They were a constant reminder to look beyond the start we have been given and to allow the story placed in our hands to be continued. These book were Follow Your Dreams, Called To Make A Difference, Finding Your Purpose In Life, 100% Life Improvement, Live A Better Life  and Screw Business As Usual.

These Books Used The Simplest Examples
Within the bible or life that make, dealing with larger problems seem so simple. Many of the things we were taught as kids, if we take the time to remember them and set matured eyes to them, we see that those lessons go deeper. If we heed the advice we can step back from life to become proactive rather than reactive in our decisions. It's a constant challenge, to challenge why you think the way that you think. These reads included The Art Of Thinking Clearly, What They Didn't Teach Me In Sunday School, The Value Of The Dot, Training For Reigning  and 18 Words.

Before  A Blogger,  I  Am Writer  &  Poet
So these reads were food for me mentally and creatively. I was greatly inspired and reminded of the beauty within what I do and why I do it. These reads were Goth Girl and The Pirate Queen, Making Your Own Days - The Pleasures Of Reading & Writing Poetry, The Abundance  and The New Penguin Book Of English Verse.

Over To The Books..
That had me cross stitching and weaving through their pages thinking about each event, although questionable at moments, these books each share something in common and that is an END. No I don't mean that last page when you close the book, but rather the end to an individual story. These were A Place To Call Home,  Brief Lives  and  Never Let Me Go

This Book Stands Alone
It is very niche, very necessary, very exclusive, very much not available to buy any longer so I can only tell you how good it is but I cannot give you a link to buy it. This one is for my ladies growing into women, for the women who have just embarked on their journeys into womanhood and in some instances women who are growing into the women they have been created to be. If you are ready to be realize that you have been the dumb woman sometimes this one is for you, I present to you I  Am A Woman I Am Not Dumb.

I don't need to write much for the last book, which was a fail. The characters irked me, the betrayal and snake tendencies irked me, this is not the type of book I read. Stendhal you are a great writer but this AIN'T for me, last book Scarlet And Black. Really hope this is the last time I leave a review like this one. 

Happy Holidays, See You In 2018 !

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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Do You Need A Mentor, Therapist Or A Coach ?

This quarter's guest blog post comes from The Freda Lee, who speaks on  LIFE MATTERS & PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT. Since we've hit the last quarter of 2017. First of all well done on all hurdles overcome by you, in order to get to this point. As we look to the end of one year and the expectation of a greater year ahead - watch out for the people, resources, wells of expertise that you can add to your life. With this post I hope that you get one step closer to identifying who you need to seek out in 2018 so you can get to your next level.

Getting your shit together is totally IN these days.

But where do you start when you're trying to 'develop' and 'better' yourself? Self-help books are an excellent way to get 
started but it's best to have a sounding board when you're working on yourself.

So this brings me to, who's your best bet for your personal growth?  A mentor, therapist or a life coach? 

Deciding who you need 

A Mentor
Having a mentor can have a good lasting impact on your career, and also be life-changing. 

Mentoring is a long-term relationship, where the mentor focuses on supporting their mentee with growth and 
development. Whilst the mentor is a source of wisdom, they are not there to instruct, or tell you how to do things.

A mentor is basically your personal cheerleader.

Mentors are beneficial because they challenge you to think differently and open your eyes to see different perspectives. 
You should consider finding a mentor if things are feeling "off" at work, as they can help you to realise your full potential.

So how do you go about finding a mentor ?
Finding a mentor isn't so clear-cut, compared to...

Courtesy of Ⓒ 2017 THE FREDA LEE

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Love Letter To Self : Pebble$

Dear P. ,

I love you girl. The highs and lows of your mood, the inconsistencies in posting, the moments taken to reflect and let moments live. You are the reflection of everything I've wanted in this moment, the ability to appreciate but never get comfortable. The grounded state of not knowing and the leaps of trying something new. 

I hope that you can find it in your schedule for us to meet some time soon, I miss the youth in your smile, the strokes of your pen, the talking out loud to achieve tones, the shaking of a poet's anatomy before getting on stage. Standing on stages like nothing happened prior to that moment. I hope you find it in your schedule for us to reflect, to watch others and awaken the performance, the gift, the boldness to remember what those moments should mean. 

The moments taken to reflect on the meaning in between, stay up at night as you like I know that you come most alive in these moments. Remember to get your beauty sleep too, you need to keep yourself in sync with everything required of your journey. Travel easy, laugh light, feed heavy. Confuse every attendant with your very being. Being how you are, without a doubt as goofy as you like. 

You are a movement within yourself, the willingness of sisters coming together to create greater impact and care for the baby. When the world pushed normal you claimed 'We're in the weird business, we've never known usual.' Guard your thoughts, your faith, your passion, your kindness, everything that will be out of their season but not yours.

One more thing. Step outside that front door and claim the world as your own, you can flip the script as you please. You are a scented and essential flavor that brings color to life's gray scales, the very reconnecting of nerve cells almost dying, the innervation of cardiac muscles excited by the presence of words. You are my poet, my friend, your words are my first love, your notebook has saved me many times, I am a collapsed pile of sheets melting in the smooth of your voice, I am closed eyes wanting to catch everything you have to say.

My last line much like the first, I love you girl.

Much Love, 

Pebble$ on the other side of the computer screen.

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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Should I ?

Do you ever get tired of those moments, when you have experienced so many petty Bettys that you can't even be mad anymore. Well, in those moments I end up laughing in my head or smiling so wide you just have to ask me what's up.

Note: Girlfriend I am here for you, cheering from the sidelines. If I ever get on court and make him laugh, just chill.. 
my presence on the court stops at that.

Ok it happened again
I never bought a ticket to the show they thought I was watching 
Now you got my eye for a split second
Switched my stank face on 
My lines aren't meeting haiku rule at this point
So I decide to continue
Your point is a missed syllable 
So please, stop the beating of self hoping for a pattern 
The enforcement of lips 
Sorry, the lip smacking is a pathetic sound 
Setting me up for laughter and smiles 
As I observe the ridiculous
But how you been older your whole life 
And stay needing to place your stamp on it
No seal of approval necessary
Stop running storylines 
When I am the author not a competitor
Leave the ink and paint your claws

 I have decided to put a hold on the publishing of my book. I want to save it for a time when I feel it is better to release, please bear with me. I will be sure to update you so follow me herehere & here.

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